Square Peg in a Round Hole


A boy from a grown up city finding his links to get connected with the real meaning of life. Since his childhood he was influenced by people and things. He always flows with the wind. Made good friends and is a good friend due to his honest and humble nature. He would sacrifice anything for others. He always puts his loved ones forward when it comes to good things and puts himself forward when there is trouble. Life had always taught him lessons. He is an average guy same like majority of people like you. He never had goal or ambition in his life but he knew how to enjoy every bit of it. He failed in life e.g. studies and academics and in job too. His attitude of “never give up” keeps him still in game of life. He always puts his one stride forward in belief that next feet also will come ahead and he will keep walking. Yes everybody feels themselves lesser then their goals and initially they feel like being a square peg in a round hole, but one has to squeeze themselves to fit into the situation or goals. We can and we will make difference by just hanging on and learning the art of adjusting ourselves in different situations. Time comes when one learns that he has eventually learnt the thing which in start he feels whether he will cover the distance or no? Time is the biggest solution for anything and everything. If you feel yourself in a strange situation just hold your breathe and relax, you will land in a place where there is all serene. This boy holds such qualities for which he is in a state of finding the real goal in life “The God Almighty”. He was engrossed in material and physical world. He just needed one set back in life for making him know where is has to flow. Mind me many people takes thousands of birth to know this and perhaps this boy must have taken so many births as well. You must be wondering what is that set back. Yes there is love story in this guys tale too. He fell in love with a girl. Girl leaves boy, boy doubts his existence in this human world. He did not give up though. He fought the lost battle till the end and tried to convince the girl with different stupid ideas of his. This was hurting the girl so eventually he took a step aside and let the girl go for her good. Now finding his new way of life and slowly growing into spirituality his Faith shall lead him to a state where he will know the real meaning for which he was sent on Earth. Yes he will have to reshape himself to fit into a place where he is going as he was never such spiritual as now. Still a long way to go but at last he knows his Destiny i.e. to reach “THE GOD”


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