Never Give Up! so that you could never fail


I have heard endless stories, endless examples, endless movies which showcase the concept of never giving up. The first thing that reminds me of is a spider. Without getting tired, without any stoppage, it continues to build the  web even though it gets spoiled every now and then. I wiped it out it too when I cleaned my house (Just for laugh). Anyway I am talking about never giving up. I wonder how people doing things that are humanly impossible. How do they know that they can achieve the impossible! Do they dream that they have a rubber body so that they can flex their bones to any extent or some insanity crops in for which one decides to climb Mount Everest. The attitude of never give up is the key for this feats. This attitude can only be shaped by developing Faith. Faith in God. I have started developing faith. I am not giving up and yes I will never lose….. A famous quote by my favorite tennis player Caroline Wozniacki “I never give up. Doesn’t matter what the score is.” One more example I see in my city that even though there are so many pot holes on roads we still go through the same roads to our office, school, colleges. We surely do not give up but we are extra careful next time we leave in the same direction. So we naturally have a gift called ‘Never Give Up’ attitude. So when life will get tough on you. Just believe in yourself and you will go through any difficulties with ease….. Before giving up just think about Nick Vujicic. His attitude is attitude: A man with no limbs to a man with no limits. Very inspirational isn’t it? Never Give Up! so that you could never fail…..


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