Life is to give


Food, Shelter and Clothing are the basic needs of a human being is what we have been taught since early age. Some in millions are still in need of it. I literally mean each of the basic elements are deprived to this millions. There are many causes for it poverty, illiteracy, corruption and lack of available resources. Our earth can handle 3.5 times the population which is today viz. 7 Billion, but our resources are getting extinct day by day. There is shortage to feed these current 7 billion people in current times. Hence we not only should use the resource adequately but also share it with the ones who do not have any of the basic needs. Here we are talking about globalisation and nuclear power. What we truly need is love, compassion and equality. If we love one another yes we can have a peaceful life as our ancestors have lead their life with abundant resources. So coming to the point. What I have observed and noticed is that in the world of smart phone we create so many applications. If and only if we fit one simple application in our mind that there are people who are not having meal for so many days. We can feed at least one person in life or educate a child. The one change you do can do good to this world. We can live in harmony and no investment shall go towards war machines but to cultivate love and compassion in the roots of our hearts. This change wont happen in a nights time and I do not expect everyone to be as humble as I am. At some point of your life whenever you feel like you can surely come forward and take the initiative to help one person. I have not done that yet but I have made sure that whenever there is an effort to help I shall not step back. Our life has a purpose. Purpose of developing positive karma. We have to purify our soul. What better then making someone smile which is today’s most important need in a stressful life we lead. It really did make me feel proud when I help an old or a blind person to cross the road. Yes, I did clap for myself. So friends do clap for yourself whenever you do a good deed. Definitely it will not go in vain. Lord is watching us and we are his performers. We will fail again and again but he has given us the key to unlock the right door. We need to be patient and wait for our time. Meanwhile just step forward and spread as much as love, life you can.


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