Enjoy the Little Things


A girl from nowhere comes to a big city with high hopes and dreams. She lands in the soil where people have no time for themselves. Where train is the lifeline. Here exist the richest film industry, the highest tax paying city in the country. Her qualifications shows of an animator and graphic designer. This shows she is of a creative mind. Earlier she worked in a firm where her talent was not used properly. She is in search to find a place in the City of Dreams but it is tough. The weak and compassionate will not survive in this city. Her fighting ability gives her that edge to survive where some others give up and just leave the city and get settled else where. She knows her way out. I wonder what must be giving her that sense of confidence. It must be her attitude of Enjoying every little things. I guessed it from her famous quote “Koi Load Nahi” (Hindi) which means No Worries. She finds joy in every moment. Makes time for herself and for others. Blends in with people and friends smoothly.  Her sole mantra is Never Say Never. She is an explorer, traveler. Music is her drug. Her immense faith in God makes her life more wonderful. She is already Living a Dream…..


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