3 and half Social Networks

Half primarily being the oldest site which got me into social networks in the year 2006. I call it half because it has just taken half time spend on  my next mentioned social network. Frankly speaking it was the first thing I ever learnt about computers. After that I came to know there is something called browsing, surfing, emailing. It hardly got me into socializing and then comes another site which nearly killed the predecessor. Now the whole world is buzzing with the current site mentioned. This is the power of friendship by which It has come into stock markets. I just wonder what an idea can get you into. I just finished 1 and half. Here comes the next one where no one believes in following me. I just follow the celebs and read what they do in their normal life. The third being latest sensation in mobile chat where we can just non stop peep into our mobile just to see so many unread messages. This 3 and half bundle off joy is not only taking to the youth but it has taken the senior people in my family, friends and cousins family where they are trying to compete with the youth and keeping eye to eye contact in terms of sharing, posting, commenting. Overall the experience of social networks is amazing as it kills your time with ease and makes your life worthwhile because the day when we thought or feared that we would never be able to meet our friends after school is no longer there because today we are here on social networks touching each others life and cherishing every moment of it…..

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