1 Day Shopping with Girls


Me had a decent bike accident few days before the shopping day with my Rakhi Sister and her beautiful looking friend. I had injured my both hands and right leg. Just got scratches, luckily no bones broken. After all the care and concern from my near and dear ones I feel blessed. I had to take rest but I wanted to gift Sister a cool dress for her birthday which was long gone. So I decided this week I will gift her anyhow. Coincidentally her friend whom I have never met before had to go to the same place for shopping which I was going to take my Sister. So we three decided to go together. As it was Sunday an officially rest day for the world I never feared of getting hurt in train transport which normally is crowded round the clock on weekdays. It was a smooth ride. I reached on time whereas my experience with girls always suggest they make you wait or they always get late anywhere they go. Gosh! this cosmetic industry. Hopefully they both come after ten minutes of my reach. My Sister introduced me to her Gorgeous Friend. As we were in rush so we had to take auto rickshaw towards our destination Bandra Linking Road(Mumbai-India). It is famous for its shopping place and few good colleges and most importantly THE CROWD. I had warned both of them not to take more than an hour to shop. I placed a deadline to girls, just imagine? I know what I was asking is as good as comparison to say come and kill me but I would rather die then to shop with girls. Today’s day was an exception as I had waited long to gift my Sister. Surprisingly what I see both of them were so quick in decision making about the dresses and accessories they choose. I really felt they took my warning seriously. My satisfaction was crushed as they both found paradise in one shop which provide them good clothes with less price. As lazy as I am I got a seat to sit and watching all the drama of girls shopping. Each and every material of a cloth were scrutinized like a CID Episode. Glad that my choice was also taken into consideration. So yes I too actively participated in their decision making process. Then I saw a flock of girls coming into the same store as we were. They also tried different clothes as well but I was just their audience. One of the good looking girl in their group wore a dress front side back and her remaining friends just loved it not knowing the actuality of course. The reason may be that the buttons were put up on wrong side instead of the place where it should be. It must be irony of fashion or haute couture. The sales girl then told them that dress is not properly put. To their embarrassment she tried it the correct way. What was reaction of her friends? They said it is not looking good. I wonder what is this a Fashion Faux Pas? Coming to my lovely ladies. They still trying out millions of clothes and knowing that some make them look fat some make them look needless. Finally Gorgeous lady got something we three approved of. A one piece dress. Then to her state of dilemma. She liked one more top black in color with some golden beads on the collar. Now her hands placed on her right cheek wondering buy both or only one. We suggested to go with one piece then we shall check out other places as well. We convinced her eventually and went to next store to get dress for my sister as she did not like anything in the earlier store. She tried various options there as well. Finally one more one piece has been selected among so many oceans of style women have to choose for. I was pleased to pay the bill as it was a gift to my sister whom I love so dearly. Her quote “Its one of the best birthday gifts” filled me wih joy. She was happy which in turn made me happy. We heading towards some eatery. We land in a nearby KFC but something was wrong. Gorgeous girl is still in the past willing to buy that top she liked other then the one piece she bought. We were in consensus not to  buy that dress as it was not that worth it and it had some flaws as well. This girl would have not slept that night and would have cursed us for life time as we did not allow her to buy that dress. We surrendered to her desire and allowed her to go get that top larger then her life as we waited to stay back and munch some food in. Store was said to be closed in next twenty minutes she ran across the pot holes filed with stagnant water collected through rains pushing away the crowded people and reaching the finishing line. When we came out of KFC, too much for our amazement, we see that she got it finally what she desired at a bargained price. A satisfied look in her face said it all. PS: I did enjoy shopping with them…..


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